Into My World: macam mana nak lupakan seseorang yang kita sayang???!!!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

macam mana nak lupakan seseorang yang kita sayang???!!!

stlh aq google2 kt google,,
aq pown jmpe r 1 artikel pasal cre2 cmne nk lpe kn org yg kte syg..
x kre r sb break o sb dy gf o bf org er..
x kesah r..
tp nih antre step2 dy..

step 1 : Cry out everything you have to cry about! When we get hurt, it's normal (and good) to cry. Don't ever think you're being weak for crying and don't feel embarrassed because of it! It's normal and it's good! When you cry, you let go of part of your anger and hurt so you can feel less heavy. You can lock yourself in a room, if you want to, and put on some sad music...but let yourself feel the pain and cry so you can let it go. The main thing here is: Get rid of the pain! Just let her go! 

step 2 : Get busy! When you're trying to get someone out of your head, you need to put other things inside of it. In other words...get busy! It doesn't matter how, you just need to get distracted. Go to a movie, watch a play, travel. It doesn't matter what are you going to do--the important thing is to find something to do. Find a hobby, find something you enjoy doing, something to keep your mind busy. If your mind is busy, it doesn't have time or space to think about the person you're trying to forget.

step 3 : Spend some time with your friends. Friends are always great to have in this kind of situation! Friends can make you feel good about yourself and get you distracted very easily. They will certainly make you laugh and make you see that you're way more important than you think! The only warning is: Ask them not to talk about the person you're trying to forget. If they start bringing the topic up in every conversation, you won't be able to forget, and instead of making you laugh, they're going to make you cry. So be honest and ask them not to talk about it!

step 4 : Avoid the person! Try not to go to places you know you can meet that person. When you're trying to forget someone and you two keep seeing each other, it gets hard to get over it. If you meet him/her somewhere, just be nice and kind, but find an excuse to go away as fast as you can! If you work or study with him/her and you can't avoid seeing him/her, just try not to look and not to talk too much. Just be gentle and keep busy all the time so you won't have excuses to look at him/her or to chat.

step 5 : Go out and see some different faces! Being at home gives you more time to think about it, which makes the process even more difficult. So even if you're not feeling excited or you're in a bad mood, just put on your best clothes, best shoes, best smile, call some friends and go somewhere nice where you can dance, drink, listen to some music. And the most important: See some different faces! When you go out, you notice that the person you're trying to forget is not the only one who's got a perfect smile and an amazing voice...thank god, there are other interesting people around the world, too!

step 6 : Avoid every kind of romantic thing! If you're trying to forget someone, you'd better not watch romantic movies or listen to romantic makes you feel bad and you will certainly remember the person you're trying to get rid of. It doesn't matter if it's a song you love or if it's playing on the radio...just change the station or do something else! Put on some happy songs, dancing songs, watch some comedies, terror movies, just need to avoid the romantic things for now!

step 7 : Take good care of yourself. Women tend to run for some kind of self-destruction when they're hurt. If we break up our perfect relationship, then we have no reason to get our nails done anymore and the only thing that gives us comfort is chocolate and sugar. That way, the only thing we do is to become less attractive and lessen our self-confidence. So if you're hurt, just try to use your pain for yourself instead of against you. Go to the gym, work out a lot, get your nails and hair whatever you can so you can feel more pretty and confident!

step 8 : Accept the process! You can be really strong and it's still going to hurt. The process takes time and you have to accept that! You can't hope to forget in 2 days someone you loved for 2 years...and you can't pretend to be strong if you feel like crying. Just face your pain and accept that it's not easy and it's going to take some time. When you're patient with yourself and your situation, things tend to get easier...

sumber : klik kt sini..

act,,ssh nk lpe kn org yg kte sayang..
skit gle ase ble break o kne reject o sb dy gf o bf org..
tp mybe ngan bantuan cre kt ats nih ley wat kte lpe kn org tu..

##x tau r mujarab er pown smpi skunk still x ley nk lpe kn.. =.= ..pape pown,,ubt paling mujarab tok tnang kn ati n perasaan adala dengan berwuduk,bce Quran o solat..x kre r solat sunat o wajib..


  1. cari baru...

    aku ke..?? kah3! (joke3!)

  2. emm nawal..ko publish menda ni tpat pd waktunye..dala aq bwu pas break up for 2nd time..

  3. naim,perasaan sudey..hehe..

    adib,,act aq wat mnde nih sb ade org nga kompius..huk2..ssh2..adoyai..

  4. ngee~ ko ke???har2 harun salim bachik

  5. bkn aq r..
    org len kowt..
    aq ne de sespe..

  6. eleh...elehh..eleehh..nawal..dun play hide2 n seek r..ngee~

  7. haiya..
    u don't believe in me??
    i'am not hiding anythng from u dear..
    trust me..

  8. yeah..
    klu ade aq btaw lar babe..

  9. erm.....mmg susah utk lupakan org yg kita syg...sbb aku dh mrasai n bru utk mrasai prasaan sbegitu...

    by da must go on...

    1. yup.
      tapi masa akan mengubati segalanya. ;D


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