Into My World: December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

jeongmal mianeyo

the way you talk, i know you're blaming me.
i know i'm careless.
really sorry.

tak pasal-pasal jatuh harga mas kahwin kau.

ya Allah, sembuhkanlah dia supaya fizikalnya sihat seperti dulu. 

note(s): homesick. ;(

Sunday, 9 December 2012

a song titled Cupid

last midnight,
suddenly my roommate got mad. omo! 
segelintir manusia yang tak reti nak bezakan sama ada sekarang siang atau malam. 
ah, mereka peduli apa. 
siang atau malam, kalau dah sembang dalam kumpulan, bukan peduli orang sekeliling tu selesa atau tak, suka atau tak. 
bergelak ketawa tak ingat dunia. 
i'm really sorry roommate. 
bukan sengaja tak nak tutup pintu. 
ingatkan kalau buka pintu, sejuk la sikit bilik since bilik depan punya aliran udara ni kurang baik. 
jeongmal mianeyo~

google-ing one song yang tak tahu siapa penyanyinya dengan menggunakan lirik.
unfortunately langsung tak keluar result seperti yang diharapkan.
ada sesiapa yang tahu penyanyi lagu ni?

cuma dapat tangkap sikit liriknya.
you shot my heart with an arrow, ooh
(how could this happens to me),
the more that i struggle,
i get entangled,
it's hard to escape,

now i'm feeling stupid,
can't believe i fell for it,
you got me under your spell,
i tried to fight it,
but the truth is you got me ....,
i don't know how i got here,

note(s): duduk tak kena, meniarap pun tak kena, nak solat pun tak kena jugak. ujian sungguh.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just Don't Hate Them

A psychologist says: “Don’t underestimate those children who chase after Korean celebrities, their hearts are purer than anyone else, they love courageously, they will want to try their best to tackle difficult obstacles, the language and cultural barriers. 
They symbolise peace, they don’t discriminate based on race, they befriend people with the same interest from different countries, they’re more passionate and warm than anyone else. 
They don’t betray the ones they like easily, they are persistent and don’t give up easily. 
They are stronger than anyone else on the inside, because when they are loving these Korean stars, they experience the setbacks they’ve never experienced in life. 
They are all sensitive children, easily touched to tears for a long time because of one incident. Through investigation, most of them understand gratitude. 
Their way of thinking is different from others, they don’t easily get carried away by love, they don’t harbour thoughts of doing bad things, and their criteria when looking for a partner is very high, other than looks, personality is more important, so the rate of marriage isn’t high, but neither is the rate of divorce. 
Their memory is very good, they can easily remember the korean lyrics they don’t understand, and their coordination skills are also very strong. Most of them are cheerful children, not the kind who keep to themselves. 
Their will of determination is also very strong, they are able to persevere all the way just to buy something related to the celebrity they like. In short, the way these children think is vastly different from others, and their thoughts are not easy to understand. Generally, only those who have similar interests are able to enter their world.”

copy&paste dari sini 

Song Joong Ki. rindu Nice Guy. =|

note(s): ..and me too.hurm. asyik kena perli dengan orang anti-kpop je sebab layan kpop. "tu la. ni mesti taip korea. mana nak jumpa.". );

~verily after each difficulty,there's a relief.. ;D~